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How to search for a timetable?
  1. Open the website soiduplaan.tallinn.ee
  2. From the grey ribbon menu, choose the type of transport you need.
  3. Then click on the route you need.
  4. In the left pane, choose the stop for which you want to get a timetable.

How to use the Tallinn TripPlanner?
  1. Open the website http://kaart.tallinn.ee/Tallinn/Show?REQUEST=Main&lang=eng
  2. In the left you see a map of Tallinn. In the right, click on the TripPlanner tab.
  3. In the Origin gap, enter your starting point - an address, a place of interest or a stop name. According to what you entered, choose (respectively) either "Address", "Information layers" or "Stop".
  4. Repeat the action with Destination gap.
  5. If you don't know your origin or destination stop or address, but you know it's location on the map, then click on the orange button next to a gap, and then click on the map. Your chosen point is now taken as your origin or destination.
  6. After choosing your origin and destination, determine when your trip occurs. NB! There are two option buttons - "Start" and "End". If you need to be at your destination point at a certain time, choose "End" and enter the time and date. If you want to leave from your origin point at a certain time, choose "Start" and enter the time and date.
  7. From the drop-down menu "Criteria", choose which route would be the best for you. You can also specify these criterias, by pressing "More". Now you can determine your walking speed, your max. walking distance, your total waiting time, how many transfer you're willing to do and if you want to stop somewhere during the trip. Also, if you tick the "Only lowered" box, then only low-floor services will be shown.
  8. When ready, click "Go". The system calculates the most appropriate route for the entered information.

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